Torii Gate Console Table

I wanted my first design/make project to really mean something to me and be something that I will keep for the rest of my life. I wanted something unique and relevant to me but also required techniques that I wanted to learn for future projects. The design is based on the famous floating Torii Gate at the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima. I spent 2 of my very formative years living in Japan and I feel those two years were very important in sewing the seeds of the person I’ve grown to become today. Japanese Art & Design is something that I do love, that and the symbolism of the gateway and the start of my new career just made this concept a natural fit for me. 

The table surfaces are made from African Wenge and the rails and legs made from West African Bubinga. I chose these timbers mainly for their colours. I wanted the colours of the finished piece to mimic those of the usual Torii Gate colours. I settled on Wenge for the surfaces as I really liked the finished texture of Wenge, it would make the table interesting to touch as well as to look at.  Bubinga was my final choice for the red timber because of it’s beautiful and erratic grain patterns as well as it’s strength. To keep the texture I used a satin oil finish with minimal shine, this makes the large piece imposing and eye-catching, but not attention seeking.