Jurassic Coast Coffee Table

The Jurassic Coast Coffee Table was designed specifically for a seaside house in Lyme Regis, a town famous for its fossil hunting beaches and where the town emblem is an ammonite shell. The piece reflects this, a coffee table in the shape of an ammonite where each segment of the shell is a different layer of the table. The different layers really accentuate the different segments when viewed in plan and give an extra dimension to the piece rather than having a flat table with shapes carved or otherwise detailed in.

I used English Oak for a variety of reasons: I wanted a local english wood to go with the local theme of the table, and also oak is a great wood to sandblast. To go with the theme of Jurassic Coast, I wanted the final piece to have a weathered appearance so it appears like driftwood that has washed up on the fossil hunting shores. The table had to capture everything you think of when you think of the Jurassic Coast. This is why I also put in the metal fins under each segment. As well as support, I wanted another material to contrast the solid oak and decided on having bronze fins that I patinated myself so to also give the impression that they too are weathered and could wash up on a beach as salvage metal alongside the driftwood oak. This project was an exercise in designing a piece that really captures it's surroundings, not only the room and the house it will go in, but the local community and environment as well.